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Dedicated to eliminating social problems and bringing about World Peace by educating people about the benefits of putting others first, loving your neighbor, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and being unselfish rather than pro-choice in decisions affecting other people and society. is the outlet for more than 30 years of research into Interconnected Social Problems and related issues and how these impact our society. With so much new research and writing in recent years, we have decided to substantially revise this Web site and move into a different format. Stay tuned for further developments.

Following 30 years of research it became obvious that it was time for a major change and housecleaning. New research and new material has replaced, clarified and expanded the old. As a result we have decided to make major changes by replacing older material with new.

This Web site will be under construction for a period of time as we revise it with new and updated material. Much of this will come from other Web sites or publications.

All of the information provided on this Web site is free of copyright protection and provided for your free use without cost or obligation. A credit or acknowledgement would be nice but is not necessary. The images are all purchased, stock images and hence we cannot authorize their use in other applications or commercial applications. 

Thank you for visiting. We very much appreciate your feedback, suggestions and comments. We also appreciate any new information, statistics and reports concerning interconnected social problems and how they impact our society

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